Back to School Fun…Desk Set-Ups for Different Ages!

In honor of most everyone going back to school today, we thought it would be a great time to talk about fun and age appropriate desk configurations for those of different age groups. Here at Olde Mill Furniture & Design, we love to create custom pieces to fit the needs of our customers, which is why we are your go to furniture store for any age. Below are some pictures from ‘The Everygirl’ website/blog. Each picture gives a style point of view from different ages groups. As you will notice, the set up for the younger group is more playful and whimsical while the older set up is more sophisticated and practical.

Teen Desk Set Up:


20-Somethings Desk Set Up:


And for the 30-Something Professional:


Each of these desk set-ups contains a similar desk, but with different accessories and configurations, multiple looks can be achieved.

At Olde Mill we can create custom desks, hutches, chairs, chalkboards and corkboards. These pieces can be customized in different sizes, different colors, stains or finishes and made to fit your space. Below is a custom Amish made desk two-toned, painted in black, lightly distressed and waxed. The hutch contains multiple shelves and is removable. We can create desks with shelving, drawers and even pullout drawers to store your keyboard. The possibilities are endless.


At Olde Mill we can also order desks from different manufacturers. Below are some simple, yet beautiful desks from Furniture Classics that can be dressed up or down for any age.

The French Partner Desk


The Old Elm Writing Desk


The Madeira Desk


At Olde Mill we also love Two’s Company! They have fun accessories and home décor items. Below are some fun ways to spruce up a teen or dorm room desk! From a fun mouse pad to sweet desk trays, it is easy to brighten up any desk!

7694-208484-20_1_ 42292-20_1_ 50453_1_ 50864_1_

And, for a more sophisticated desk…also from Two’s Company.

6167-19 8740 50569-20_1_

Visit us at Olde Mill Furniture to discuss customization options and let us help you create the perfect desk or office look, no matter the age!

-The Olde Mill Team

Declutter and Stay Organized with Olde Mill Furniture!

While most of us know how to clean our homes, it can be tricky to officially de-clutter and organize using fun and functional accessories. Some common problems when organizing are buying too many organizing products before making a plan, having one to many organizing ‘bins’, packing shelves to ‘clear’ other spaces, using messy ‘under bed’ storage, stuffing small spaces, and using places like the refrigerator as a ‘message center’. These tendencies end up causing a home to look more disorganized.

Here are some pieces from manufacturers sold at Olde Mill that are great for organizing and storage!

Love this Rattan Wine Storage from Furniture Classics.


This Drury Console with Three Stools from Furniture Classics is both a fun and functional piece. The ability to store the stools into the console is a great organizational feature.


This Aidan Gray Square White Storage Crate is a functional piece. It can be used as a foot stool or can be used to store blankets or other small items in a living room. While placing these items away in this decorative piece, you are hiding the typical clutter in a living space.


These gorgeous mosaic decorative boxes from Regina Andrews make great storage. Hide away your jewelry in the bedroom or hide your remote controls in a living or family room.

picture thumb6

These Aidan Gray Crathes Baskets make great storage. Use them in different rooms or pair them with a favorite console, like this one from Aidan Gray. Use baskets on the bottom shelf to add storage and de-clutter your floor.

thumb7 thumb10

These fun labeled baskets from Aidan Gray are perfect to hold laundry in a bed room or laundry room. The second baskets pictured are great for a child’s room or playroom. Store their toys in a fun way!

thumb8 thumb9

Lastly, use a fun transitional bookcase, like this Madison Bookcase from Gabby, to display home interiors in an organized way. Create an organized space while creating a chic space.


Visit us a Olde Mill Furniture & Design for more organizational ideas! Let us customize a piece to fit your organizational needs!

-The Olde Mill Team

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Design a Bedroom with Olde Mill 

At Olde Mill Furniture we carry a wide variety of bedroom furniture. Since 1976 Wesley Allen has been creating quality iron beds right here is the USA! While now making other furniture, like dining sets and bar stools, Wesley Allen’s customizable beds stand the test of time. Wesley Allen offers many different iron finishes, two-tone options, upholstering and different sizing. 

Below we will feature a Welsey Allen bed, custom options and then pair it with bedding from Pine Cone Hill and coordinating night stands. 

Pictured here is the Waterloo Iron Bed with Upholstered Headboard & Footboard. To view more beds, visit To see catalogs and finish options visit us at Olde Mill Furniture!  

Upholstery options:

Iron Finish Options:

After picking out and customizing the perfect bed, we must pick bedding. Pine Cone Hill is an Annie Selke linen company carried at Olde Mill. Visit to see more! And visit us at Olde Mill to see products and samples in person. 

Below is a sample bedding from Pine Cone Hill that would go great with the Wesley Allen Waterloo bed above. This bedding is the Stone Washed Sky Duvet. 

And these Candlewick Shale Decorative Pillows 

And lastly, from Durham Furniture, this beautiful Desserte Nightstand for both sides of the Welsey Allen bed. 


Visit us at Olde Mill Furniture for more options & customization and let us help you create your bedroom space! 

                 – The Olde Mill Team 


10 Ways to Decorate with Rustic Industrial Decor

Rustic Industrial Design is becoming rather popular these days. Many people are beginning to play around with the design’s contrasting textures and elements that are mixed with various metals. The theme/design itself can seem masculine. Many think that it is only meant for a ‘man cave’ due to the rustic woods and dark metals. Although, with the detail and uniqueness of rustic industrial décor, it makes a great design idea for any space.

Below are ten inspirations of pieces that are available through Olde Mill Furniture. These ideas can be used to create that rustic industrial feel in your home. Don’t be afraid to add those tough woods and metals with pops of color using fun drapery, upholstery and accent art.

Below is a table from Bramble & Co. It is a beautiful wood table with metal detailing and bolts.


Also from Bramble & Co. are these great nesting crates. Pictured in a dark wood for a more industrial feel and also in different shades of blue to soften up that look.

25417TKB---A175-  brambleco_1744

This Charles Table from Gabby has the perfect metal legs with a circular wood top. Perfect as a side or end table.


Loving these pendant lights from Currey & Co. They have gorgeous lighting options to achieve that rustic industrial look.

thumb2 thumb3

These storage cubes from Aidan Gray are both functional and make great accent pieces.

aidan-gray_AGF140BPL_sm aidan-gray_AGF142B_sm

The Miles Club Chair is a great statement chair! With the beautiful warm leather, metal base and metal and wood arms, this chair screams uniqueness!


The Aidan Gray Laundry Basket below is perfect for that rustic industrial bedroom. Great way to store dirty clothes while maintaining the overall feeling of the room!


This Ivy Bookcase and Ladder from Four Hands is unique and great storage. The ladder creates such a playful detail to the dark metal and wood mixture.


This Baker Console Table from Four Hands in rustic black and bleached pine is perfect for the living room!


Lastly, this Hansel Drop Leaf Table from Gabby can be used as a console table, next to a settee or causual dining table.

SCH-290215_detail2-659x432 SCH-2902153-659x432

Now that you can see just how fun rustic industrial décor can be, come visit us at Olde Mill Furniture and let us help you create that dream space!

-The Olde Mill Team

Topic of the Day…..How to Feng Shui!

   The idea and theory of Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, has been around for over 3,000 years. In the Chinese culture, Feng means wind and Shui means water and are associated with good health. Therefore it is believed that a balance in the energies in a given space can create a positive Feng Shui and overall good heath & fortune.

Creating a beautiful space is not only about choosing the perfect furniture or accessories, but making sure that there is an overall flow of furniture and inspiring colors. These colors need to create a positive chi or energy. David Daniel Kennedy, a Feng Shui teacher and consultant at Berkely, California and author of Feng Shui for Dummies says, “There is no doubt that color impacts our psychology and physiology.”

Now that we know the importance, let’s look at a color chart that explains color schemes and Feng Shui meanings…


(Information and VIDEO provided by Feng Shui expert Rodika Tchi)

The VIDEO below explains the elements of Feng Shui and gives direct insight on what each color exemplifies and provides room examples!

Also visit Rodika Tchi’s “12 Feng Shui Color Tips to Create a Beautiful Home” for more!

It is also important to properly stage your home with furniture and home interiors to create positive energy. Stephanie McWilliams from HGTV helps explain easy home decor tips to provide wealth & abundance, fame & reputation, love & marriage, family & friends, health, children & creativity, wisdom, career and travel & helpful people.

A few last tips from Leah Hennen at HGTV that are easy to do alone:





So now the question is, what is important to you? What colors will create that positive chi in your home?

Visit Olde Mill Furniture and let us help you create that atmosphere that you desire!

Let us enhance the chi of your space!

-The Olde Mill Team